2 thoughts on “3 RV Youtubers Go Camping AND An Intervention!”

  1. Wowzer as always! Beautiful camp ground. Glad to see Felix & Eric too. Precious woof pack, Jax & Foxy lady! Love those babies. Thanks for the fire, so relaxing. I need to set up a fire ring in my motor home space & relax by the fire.

  2. Wow! I really enjoyed this video. And the lavender border. And will be glad to fill out this comment,info section. I love this campsite. Flex sure good to see you. Now I understand we all need to take a break You take care of you ,precioys fur baby. I really like paint on your C. Looks new. Camo is so a first for me to see any rig have it. Dang looks awesome. ERIC,had a feel n you would stop by Kevins. Now you have a awesome waterfall ,a lull to your buzy life. Hope your feeling much better. Huggies to Jax. Kevin,I enjoyed the stops along the way NORTH. I REALLY like Wes rv.! I like the side bed too. CVK, Prayers work. We know whose bigger than ……. Videos just keep getting better ,better. Just perfect. Think most of your fans like when you talk Yorky. 🤗 God bless yalls time together and safe journey. JP,Ok

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